Project Overview NCDOT Bridge Maintenance Division 6 had a major erosion problem at the bridge piles underneath I-95 at Highway 87 in Cumberland County, NC. The bridge deck above was leaking water at the joint, cascading down and eroding the slope that protects the concrete bridge piles. They were constantly repairing this area so they […]

Project Overview Two 72-inch diameter corrugated metal (CMP) culverts in Greenville, Alabama, had sections at the invert that had rusted through. The cost to cut open then replace the culvert was prohibitive. However, this culvert could not be left alone without further degradation, which could jeopardize the overlying roadway. Pipe sections had been added over […]

Project Overview Water from a drainage tile and a culvert created a deep scour hole on the face of a 3 on 1 slope in the median of M-53 between the two bridges over the Clinton River in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The nearby maintenance garage believed that water leaking from the drainage tile near the […]

Project Overview One area of a recently constructed landfill required construction of a steep, geotextile reinforced slope to assure long-term stability near the property line. The original plan was to cover the slope face with soil and vegetate, however, this approach was unsuccessful due to the rapid degradation of the geotextile wrapping. In fact, at […]

Project Overview A Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) roughly 72 inches wide by about 42 inches tall had rusted through the invert in some sections. The cost to excavate the soil overburden then remove and replace the culvert was very high. In addition, there were numerous utilities in the area that would make excavation for total […]

Project Overview The Boone Street drainage channel periodically overflows during storm events, overtopping the recently constructed concrete channel. The earth slopes above the concrete walls were prone to erosion. The City of Olney, IL had tried turf reinforcement mats placed on the steep slopes above the cast-in-place concrete channel section with little success. Grass grew […]