Landfill Slope Protection

Project Overview

One area of a recently constructed landfill required construction of a steep, geotextile reinforced slope to assure long-term stability near the property line. The original plan was to cover the slope face with soil and vegetate, however, this approach was unsuccessful due to the rapid degradation of the geotextile wrapping. In fact, at several locations on the slope, the geotextile wrap was torn and needed coverage to prevent erosion of the reinforced soil zone soils.

The challenge was how to create a long-term protection solution on such a steep slope. Alternatives that did not rely on vegetation would be required. Combat Concrete (CC) GCCM was chosen due to the ease of installation, and the reliability of the product in the field.


Day 1: CC arrived onsite and contractor began constructing the hanging harness that would be used to pickup and move bulk rolls of the product. A small backhoe was outfitted with the harness. An anchor trench was excavated at the top of slope, CC was inserted and the trench was backfilled before the material was laid down the slope. The material that was placed that day was hydrated at about 3:00 pm. Hydration was completed in about one hour.

Day 2: Installation was continued on day two. Note the photo at right showing white versus gray material. The white CC is cured material from day 1, and the gray material is newlyinstalled day 2 material. To achieve full coverage, adjacent panels of material were overlapped by 4 inches. Screws were used to connect overlaps together in areas where the layers did not lay completely flat against each other.

Day 3: The remaining CC was installed on day 3, and riprap was placed around the perimeter to provide additional erosion protection. The final toe swale was fashioned and rip rap was placed at the lowest elevation to slow water flow leaving the site.

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