Project Overview After an inspection in early 2016, a flood protection levee along the Little Calumet River was found to be out of compliance with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Levee Safety Program. In order to be recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a certified levee, a levee must meet […]

Project Overview In August of 2016, 11,125 sq. m’s of Concrete GCCM 8mm (CC) was used as a protective liner for a large diversion ditch at an underground zinc and copper mine on Central Vancouver Island in Canada. The diversion ditch, which conveys clean water from the hillside above to a lower creek, was originally […]

Project Overview The Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Office of Hydraulic Engineering had interest in utilizing Combat Concrete in a culvert lining/protection demonstration project. Concrete GCCM would be used as a substitute to the ODOT standard practice of field paving an invert with 3-inch-thick reinforced concrete. The Administrator for the Office of Hydraulic Engineering, Jeff […]

Project Overview The facility is located in extremely difficult dry, windy climate where vegetation is hard and expensive to maintain. However when precipitation does occur, runoff water must be managed correctly otherwise significant erosion and water quality issues can occur. The facility has been experiencing erosion in their drainage areas and wanted to correct the […]

Project Overview This existing 9 foot diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) was corroding or rusting through the invert or base of the pipe. At some points, water was just beginning to undermine the culvert forcing the township to take some action or risk affecting the roadway embankment potentially forcing an unscheduled replacement of the culvert. […]

Case Study Description When the SCDOT had severe erosion on a slope face of an overpass bridge on I-26 in Spartanburg County, they turned to a proven solution. Having already used Combat Concrete GCCM material for a similar application, they knew its value. In both cases water coming off the bridge approach was running under […]

Project Overview The North Poudre Irrigation Company has installed and maintained irrigation water collection and distribution structures such as the one pictured to the right for nearly 100 years. These structures are quite common in the west, and serve to collect irrigation water inflows, then redirect them into local irrigation ditches for distribution. Frequently, weirs […]

Project Overview The NCDOT replaced a double barrel culvert with a larger single barrel culvert under Ivey Road about a half mile east of Route 87 in Graham. The old culvert experienced scour left of the culvert inlet and NCDOT wanted ensure that scour didn’t occur at the face of the new headwall in the […]

Project Overview As a result of periodic culvert inspections the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) identied the existing triple barrel steel plate culvert as requiring some action. Since the roadway above the existing culvert had just been repaved and new guardrail had been installed, VDOT wanted to avoid total replacement at this time. The worst […]

Project Overview Severe erosion concerns from tidally influenced coastal waters created a need for a permanent and relatively maintenance free erosion stabilization measure. Due to the location, within the confines of a restricted access Army Base, a tough durable solution was sought to perform in extreme conditions. The 3,000 sqft section, along a steepened embankment, […]