Culvert Invert Protection

Project Overview

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Office of Hydraulic Engineering had interest in utilizing Combat Concrete in a culvert lining/protection demonstration project. Concrete GCCM would be used as a substitute to the ODOT standard practice of field paving an invert with 3-inch-thick reinforced concrete. The Administrator for the Office of Hydraulic Engineering, Jeff Syar, led the efforts to locate a suitable candidate project.

A 114” x 77” corrugated metal arch culvert under SR 732 south of Oxford, Ohio was selected as a possible candidate. Contractor R.B. Jergens was under contract with the ODOT District 8 office to field paved the invert. An inspection of the culvert by Milliken Infrastructure and District 8 personnel
revealed that the minor deterioration and pitting of the invert made the culvert an excellent choice for Combat Concrete lining.


The District 8 office executed a change order to substitute the field paving with Combat Concrete. Approximately 1000 square feet of CC8 GCCM was placed in lower third of the culvert along the entire 62-foot length. The lining process took place in May of 2016 and was completed in one week’s time by R.B. Jergens.


A recent inspection revealed the Combat Concrete lining is performing well. District 8 Culvert Engineer, Jeff Meyer expressed his satisfaction with the installation as well as performance of the lining, and will consider use on future projects.

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